Above Humen is a contemporary lifestyle brand rooted in New Delhi, India. Envisioned by Vandit Jain, who, for five years, has woven his journey in the garment business. The threads of his story intertwine with a family legacy dating back to 1987.

Vandit's narrative takes a global turn when he pursued a master's in London at the University of Westminster. Amidst the bustling streets, he found inspiration in a British streetwear label, a spark that ignited his vision for Above Humen.

Returning to India, Vandit blended his heritage and newfound wisdom, birthing a streetwear brand with a purpose. Above Humen isn't just about clothes; it's a philosophy. Vandit believes in daily improvement, intertwining growth with the fabric of humility.

The garments, crafted with care, embody comfort, luxury, and inclusivity, fostering a streetwear culture where kindness is not just an option but a necessity. For Above Humen, moving upwards isn't a choice; it's a journey of necessity, reminding everyone to stay grounded even at the pinnacle of success. It's a tale that urges us to be above ordinary, yet humbly below the guiding light propelling us forward—a story of surpassing ourselves while respecting the divine force guiding our path.